Almolonga, Guatemala: Population approximately 20,000 ..

Before the awakening:

  • Drunken men lying passed out on the streets, domestic abuse, 36 saloons, and four jails, overflowing with inmates bused to jails in neighboring

  • A few, small, struggling evangelical churches.

  • A terrible work ethic & frequent droughts reducing produce & producing widespread poverty. Money mainly spent on liquor instead of food & clothes for families. Four trucks a month exported produce.

  • Witchcraft & occult practices abounded in Almolonga. The demon associated with the main idol had been worshipped in Guatemala for 700 years.

After the awakening:

  • Only 3 saloons remain, and all jails are closed due to lack of crime or public drunkenness. House of prostitution closed. Many former saloons turned into churches. Solid family life with zero divorce rate. Increased literacy.

  • 88 to 92 percent of the population converted. Now 30 churches, some with over a thousand members. Good work ethic. Town is clean & prosperous. Women now have education & equal opportunities. Arranged marriages are now discouraged.

  • Forty trucks a week leave, filled with produce to sell, supplying Guatemala, southern Mexico, and El Salvador. A thousand percent increase in agricultural productivity. Many stores now have biblical names.

  • Since residents no longer paid obeisance to the idols, priests carted the idols off to other villages.


Not all transforming revivals demonstrate such dramatic numbers, but in every story, when before-and-after pictures are laid side by side, there is only one word that can adequately describe the change: Transformation. The Sentinel Group has researched hundreds of these stories. A few we have put into documentaries. All of these stories take your breath away. Truly, God does do above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

The call on the Sentinel Group is not just to pass on these stories, as valuable as that is. We long to help communities create their own story of God’s handiwork. The Journey to Transformation is a process designed to prepare communities for a Divine visitation and subsequent societal transformation. The principles we teach are found in every story of transforming revival. For the revival-hungry soul, crying out to see God change their city, this is good news. Maybe that is you? Check our introductory video to the Journey to Transformation .