I ask that you lift up Cleveland in prayer. I met him a year and a half ago before he went to prison. He is now back here on Pine Ridge.

A few days ago, I felt led to go by his house. He was drinking, and saw him time each shot of whisky — one every 30 minutes. Before taking his next shot, he was trying to throw up what he drank previously, telling me he probably wouldn't be alive in two days. He had been drinking non stop for days.

Sitting in a darkened room, this well-known and feared tough man had tears of despair in his eyes. I shared from the Word and prayed… and then had Cleveland pray with me calling on Jesus to help and save him.

The power of God touched him! He immediately felt something lift — and I could tell he was suddenly clear headed.

I returned two days later, and he hadn’t touched any alcohol since. He then proceeded to tell me about the difference he felt inside.

Today Cleveland helped me get new brake pads on the truck, and we read from the Word together. I exhorted him not to treat Jesus like fire insurance or crisis management, but to give his all to Jesus, for He is worthy of his all.

Cleveland is a Lakota drum maker among other things, and comes from a traditional home. Please pray that he will have the resolve and understanding to give his all to Jesus; that he will develop an insatiable hunger for the Word, and find courage in the face of persecution and rejection.

I shared many things with him concerning the nature of repentance, leaving material for him to watch, as well as a new Bible. Thanks for praying for him.

Another Funeral

I’ll be officiating another funeral, and speaking to those connected to three men who died together. One of them was Norma's grandson, Tresco Dreamer. He and the other two, Cade and Cole Two Bulls, died about one mile outside of downtown Pine Ridge. They hit another car. The driver was killed, but miraculously, the woman and three children were thrown from the car and lived. It appears alcohol related again. Please pray as I share His Word — Saturday in Oglala, and again in Red Shirt on Monday.

Broken Walls

Broken Walls, a Native Christian music group, will be here next week ministering on Pine Ridge. We’ve been trying to promote this, and want to see many lives touched. We appreciate your prayers in agreement for God to maximize this time.

Note from Norma — “They will also be performing at the annual Hills Alive music festival near Rapid City. Despite the venue being located in traditional Lakota Sioux territory, they are the first Native group to be invited to play on center stage.”

Other Items

Thank you for praying for Ricky, God continues to move there, I’ll be going by there to see him in a little bit.

This last week we had about 25 or more come to the service in Kyle. The presence of God was wonderful as we worshipped and gathered outside. There is really a sense of community growing.

We continue to see breakthroughs in the jail ministry each week, glory to God.

I appreciate your prayers as I take time to disciple Ted Standing Soldier. I’ll be staying with Ted tonight at his trailer as we seek the face of the Father.


Credit: Wade Kate


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