Well, God is good, and we stand firm in our conviction God will visit Pine Ridge with transforming revival.

Jail Update

God continues to move in the tribal jail. I minister on Mondays and Elliot on Thursdays. Dave Porter and Jackson have started a men’s Bible study on Wednesday (I will be starting one on Mondays in Sharps Corner). Several men who been released are now part of the Bible study outside.

Inside, God continues to change the atmosphere. Please understand we are not looking for manifestations, nor are we encouraging or talking about them. Still, God is God, and they just happen at times.

As we were ministering the other day, I sensed God was giving me a word for a certain man who was battling depression. As I prayed out, I had no idea what Holy Spirit was doing. Ricky Jealous of Him came up after and needed to show me something. He was still hot and showed me his hand and feet were sweating. He said heat were through his body as we prayed. He began to sweat all over and then he felt like wings fanning him. Pretty amazing.

Church Building In Kyle

The meetings for the church building have been cancelled every time in August. Clearly there is some opposition. However we are encouraged, as we heard one of the district leaders has put together a resolution for us to have the building. Thanks for your prayers. The meeting has been rescheduled for not this Tuesday but next.

Jacob Dreamer

I met Jacob when I was volunteer coach at Pine Ridge High. He was one of the star players that led the Pine Ridge School Thorpes to the state tournament in Basketball. I liked Jacob’s attitude and his quiet, lead-by-actions, style. I haven’t seen him but maybe one time since his graduation two years ago, but I looked for opportunities to be Jesus to him.

About two weeks ago, he fell asleep at the wheel, went into a ditch, and was thrown from his car (not wearing a seat belt). He broke a couple of vertebrate, and doctors didn’t know if he’d walk again. By the grace of God he wasn’t paralyzed, but was laid up in bed. Eventually he could use a walker, but with great pain and for a little distance.

Ted Standing Soldier and I went to his home in Oglala, and found him lying on his bed. After talking a bit, Ted asked how the accident had affected him, if God had used it in his life. He replied yes, but still with little understanding.

I asked if he had died, would he be allowed in heaven? And why? Jacob replied he was a good person, with a good heart (Proverb 20:6). I took him through the Law to show him what true “goodness” looked like. During this time, he came under conviction and confessed several sins, and said he would go to hell. When asked whether the Gospel made sense to him, he repeatedly said “yes.” I then challenged him to count to cost.

We followed up by praying for his broken body. As he lay there, I asked what he was experiencing. He replied, “I feel energy going up my leg. It’s like I want to try and walk.”

Jacob rolled over and stood up. To his surprise, was moving his leg in a way he couldn’t before. After praying a second time, he said all the pain was gone and he began to walk on his own.

I asked him how this was possible, and he just shook his head. I asked him again, and he said, “There’s only one way.” I told him this was a validation of the Gospel message I had just shared, and that Jesus had done this thing for him.

I then told him to go out and show his family. Walked into the other room, he told his grandmother, “Grandma, I don’t have any pain.” Her face was priceless.

I plan to go back to give Jacob a Bible. Please pray for Jacob as I challenge him to be bold, and to make a strong stand for Jesus. May his be a powerful testimony to all.

Door To Door

Ted and I started to go door to door in Kyle. I’m attempting to substitute teach once a week at Little Wound High School, so we did this just to get to know the people and youth of the community.

It was great to see the Holy Spirit work as we met people for the first time in their homes — Tom, Warren and James, Grace, Justin, Jeremy, Miles and a couple of others we met on the street. Jeremy is a sundancer, and a bull rider. He had fractured his foot because of bull riding and was in great pain with a brace. As we prayed for him (which he was hesitant to receive at first), he said “That’s weird” (with some expletives). He said he felt cool air being blown on the back of his ankle and something come over him. It wasn’t completely pain free, but he began to walk on it with his weight for the first time (he said the doctors told him it would take at least another six weeks). We gave him a Living Waters “Noah” movie (as we did to all we met) and his heart was more open to listen. Praise God.

Grace was a precious grandmother who was living in some of the poorest conditions I’ve seen. No running water, door busted, water damage from leaky roof. Just one outlet in the whole trailer that worked, and things falling apart everywhere. Yet here she was making fry bread for a funeral that was happening for a friend of hers that was run over twice by a car and killed. Giving what she could. She said she wants to attend service this Sunday. Tom also said he wants to come. Please say a prayer for these dear ones.


We have been crying out to God for more marriages and less funerals. So it was a joy for Dave to officiate Ron and Rose’s marriage at Restoration Church this last Sunday (on the reservation). I was approached by two others wanting to get married, as well as another couple thinking about it. This is the work of the Holy Spirit in an environment dominated by “shacking up,” fornication, and sexual immorality.

Here's a video we put together for them from the wedding for the two Lakota believers, Ray and Felicia. It took place in June, and is the first I’ve wedding I've heard of, let alone for believers, since I've been here. Please remember them in prayer. Father is really working in their lives!



Still, I remain grieved by the death that continues. Grieved by watching people die, and by officiating or attending funerals. How many there have been in my three years here. This last week I watched another man die in the hospital. Allen Long Soldier was as yellow construction paper, his kidneys and liver shutting down from alcoholism. We contended for healing, but he died…

I’ll also be officiating a funeral for Norma Blacksmith’s brother. I don’t know if he knew Jesus, only that he became well known because of the book On the Rez by Ian Frazier. His name is Leonard War Lance.

We appreciate your prayers for protection and praying for His glory to be revealed as we continue to look to the Gathering — now set to receive over 80 men from 18 States. Thank you. We believe this is the beginning of a bigger thing as God continues to reveal His purposes.


Credit: Wade Kate


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