In the fall of 1999, I fell in love. For years, I had tried to convey to my congregation and other Christian leaders what I had learned from revival history – God can transform cities, regions, and even nations.

We premiered the Sentinel Group’s first documentary in northern California, and it was love at first sight! Every fiber in my soul wanted to cry out, “That’s it! That is what I have been trying to show you!”

What was confirmation for me was a revelation to others, and launched countless groups praying for revival around the world.


Since then, the Sentinel Group has produced other documentaries.

The Sentinel Group has also developed teachings to assist communities to prepare for transforming revival.

That part of the story you may know.

The story you likely do not know is the fierce battle this ministry has fought to fulfill God’s call upon it.

In the next few weeks, we want to review for you the Sentinel Group’s call and vision. There is an ever-increasing cry for God to bring revival to this nation, and here we sit as a ministry, holding keys to enable communities to exchange their revival hope for reality.

Recently, a Christian leader who is familiar with our call and the message we carry, rebuked us, asking, “Where have you guys been? You disappeared! Why aren’t you getting this message out?”

We cannot blame the enemy of our souls for all our failures, but there is no other reason that better explains our struggles.

Opportunities and Challenges:

The good news is we are putting a trying season in the rear view mirror and moving forward. But we need your help.

Look below at some basic needs we have, and ask the Lord if He is leading you to partner with us.

Your donation, large or small, will enable us to do the two major thrusts of our ministry: Tell the stories of revival that create hunger for God to do it again, and help communities across our nation and the world with their revival preparations.

Current Needs

Providing Scholarships for the Upcoming Sentinel Group National Conference

God laid it on our hearts to provide scholarships (including flights, hotel, and conference registration) for representatives from fifteen of the most challenged cities in America - cities like Ferguson, MO and Flint, MI. We had hoped to get assistance from a Christian foundation, but we were turned down. We still long to bring these cities to our table and expose them to leaders and places that have witnessed miraculous transformation.

From the conference, we would then provide follow-up in each of these cities with the Journey to Transformation.

Total cost: $28,000

Rebuilding our Website

To our dismay, the platform on which our website is built will soon no longer be supported. We are being forced to rebuild our site. There are so many plans we have to expand the function and usefulness of our site, but we do not want to throw money away by adding pieces that will likely not transfer to a new site. As you can imagine, the website is a key tool in the expansion of our ministry.

Cost: $7,500

Producing New Audio and Video Products

For years, we have had in our possession audio and video messages, and myriads of revival film clips from around the world that we have not been able to bring to market due to lack of personnel and resources.

Cost: $15,000

Meeting other needs related to production costs, staff, administrative needs, and marketing.

I know this is the least appealing of the needs we have, but it is the one we live with day after day. It is challenging to be continually hamstrung by a lack of resources.

Cost: Anything helps!

For donations of $50 or more, as a token of our appreciation, please select any one of our DVDs. Indicate your selection with your donation and we will send it to you free of charge.

Donate Here.

Larry Lane
Chief Operating Officer Sentinel Group
National Director for the Journey to Transformation