“It only takes a spark to get a fire going . . .”

If you are old enough, you not only recognize that phrase, you can probably finish the song. The chorus references God’s love, but it may be even more true when applied to transforming revival.

At the Sentinel group, we have researched nearly 1,000 cases of transforming revival, that is, a revival that has impacted an entire city or region and left nothing untouched in its wake.

The result of these moves of God we describe as “transformation.”

History reveals that these revivals spread as the story of God’s great work sparked hunger and prayer in other communities. As people read or listened to these stories, hunger was deepened, passion was inflamed, and faith was enlarged. Then new revival fires would break out.

That is why we are committed to retelling these stories - old and new - in order to awaken and deepen hunger for transforming revival.

We invite you to Hope at the Crossroads. It is the place where God’s power and your community’s need intersect.

Come to hear the stories from those who have witnessed God’s handiwork.

Let that spark ignite a fresh fire in you.

Bring that fire back to your own community. Let it ignite others until your city is ablaze with the transforming power of God.

February-March 2010
River of Life Christian Church
Santa Clara, CA