The classic, In the Day of Thy Power, is a rich resource of revival wisdom and quotes.

Arthur Wallis quotes William Reid, a Methodist pastor and hymnist (p.224). His words ring true today:

“All over the world Christian people of all denominations are expecting something. We may not all dream the same dream. We may not all express in the same way the newborn hope that has arisen in our hearts of God’s something that is on the way.
“It may be when the veil is drawn asunder, when the church has been made ready, when the time has come for God to act, and to take the cataract off the eyes of the nation, that the mode and the method of the great ministry of the Spirit of God, for a great outpouring, shall be very different from what we see and feel and hear today.
“But I care not how it comes; I care not through whom it comes; I care not what method is adopted so long as that method is in accordance with the will of the Divine Spirit of God.
“I feel the day is drawing swiftly near when men shall sink their differences, and shall come together to a place called Calvary, and there repent of their own foolishness of the days gone by, and, looking up into the face of God’s anointed, shall say, ‘Thy kingdom come.’”

“Lord, haste the day when our faith shall be made sight.”