October 14, 2015 text exchange between Joshua Hill and George Otis, Jr.

Hey, George,

I just wanted to give you a brief update on what has happened here since you came to share with us on the 12th.

Chris Ngai, myself, and several others here with Love ASU have been deeply convicted by the Holy Spirit of specific obstacles inhibiting us from hungering for the presence of God. This has led us to turn to the Lord in repentance.

Today, Chris and I had our day lined up with tasks for the School of Transformation and Revival and the upcoming Discovery Weekend. However, instead of accomplishing these things, we spent the morning being guided by the Holy Spirit through memories as old as 15 years — broken relationships needing reconciliation, unforgiveness, and bitterness. We found new grace to surrender with ease and humility.

This afternoon, we shared dreams God had given us, which in turn led to a powerful encounter with the fear of the Lord. We spent time on the ground literally trembling and moaning under the weight of our sin, repeatedly crying out “I need the cross! I need the blood! Have mercy on me!”

Afterwards I felt as though I had been saved all over again! I told Chris that I believe today was one of the most ‘productive’ days we’ve ever had…

–– Josh Hill

*   *Josh —* *This is awesome! You are moving close to the edge of something wonderful. I am with you 100 percent! Keep pressing in — prevail with God. Refuse to be denied!* *

–– George

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Gathering of revival-hungry students, ministers and alumni near ASU campus


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